the intimacy of feet

feet are a very weird thing to bring up, especially in this day and age. i would say that this is mainly because of the mainstream popularisation of the feet fetish. now, personally, i don’t understand what’s so great about feet, but tons of people out there do. they love feet!

and i assure you, this isn’t going to be a post about my thoughts on feet fetishes, because truly, i have none. i just wanted to establish that the piece this post IS about, was not inspired by them.

okay. now that that’s out of the way, i can get this show on the road.

i did this piece as a part of my AS level art portfolio, which focuses on embrace, and the emotions that come with humans embracing each other. this particular drawing features two cut off feet, done in charcoal and charcoal pencil. mind you, these feet aren’t actually cut off in real life. no sir, there are two very much living people attached to these feet, and they are doing absolutely fine in their lives now.

i wanted to focus on different aspects of how humans embrace each other, with their arms, their legs, their hands, and yes, with their feet. people entwine their feet all the time, to show love and affection. think about it like this: i usually sit with my feet thrown haphazardly on top of my friends’ feet which shows my familiarity and comfort with them. sure, not everyone does this, but the closer you are to a person, and the stronger a bond you have with them, you’d be more inclined to do this with them, than with anybody else.

entwining feet can be intimate, or comforting, but rarely does it hold any negative connotations. that’s what i wanted to portray here, although i admit, it can be difficult to get over the fact that they are, well, feet at first.

but, my dear readers, if you can find it in yourselves to see past this heinous aspect of the sketch, and think about what life would be like without gestures of affection displayed through feet, i think you’ll find that they truly are a wholesome way to show someone that you care, whether or not you have a fetish for feet.

da feet

target timothée chalamet

it was around 8:30/9:00 in the evening, and i was feeling insecure about my art skills. this was because i saw a tiktok of a girl sketching a celebrity like really quickly, but also really accurately. i was like, wow, that girl is so good, what if i’m never that good? and i know that comparing yourself to others isn’t the most healthy thing to do, but we all do it from time to time. we compare ourselves to others in terms of looks, skills, clothing, talent, etc, but we can’t help it really. it’s just human (especially teenage) nature.

anyway, i don’t particularly like feeling insecure, so instead of wallowing in my own sadness like i might have been inclined to do on any other night, i decided to prove to myself that i am in fact talented. so i chose to sketch everyone’s favourite indie movie heartthrob, Timothée Chalamet. i chose a picture of him from some photoshoot, and decided not to put too much pressure on myself. i wanted to just sketch, and trust that it would come out looking like him.

after about 10 minutes, i finished the eyes, and i could see that they were in fact recognisable as timothée’s eyes. i was ecstatic, because in my mind, it meant that i wasn’t a complete failure and i could do it!! about 25 minutes later, and i was done. i gave the sketch some light shading, and pulled back to check it out. it did look like him!! sure, it wasn’t a carbon copy, but almost no drawing ever is. satisfied, i started thinking about whether it was weird for timothée to look into the camera like that during photoshoots.

then i started thinking about how he was wearing a sort of dress in the picture, and how he was actually pulling it off, and how people like him even more because he rejects toxic masculinity, and embraces feminine fashion. that led to thinking about ‘Call Me By Your Name’, and how it would be amazing to live in Créma in the summer, with absolutely nothing to do but laze in the sun, read books, and eat peaches (hehe). then that kind of evolved into fantasising about living my entire life in that world, like Elio. (but i suppose even Elio had to go home after summer ended.)

then i realised that i had been staring at my sketch of Timothée for about 6 minutes without blinking, so i snapped out of it.

my target version of timothée

a study in marble

so a couple weeks ago, i started working on a piece for my AS Level art coursework. one of the artists i chose to research was Auguste Rodin, and i was specifically studying his sculpture, “The Kiss”. it features a man and a woman in a passionate embrace, lips locked. (it’s enough to make anyone a bit hot under the collar if you ask me, but that’s a different matter.) i thought to myself: “what if you tried to study just the marble of this sculpture? that would be interesting. ooh, and! you should do it with watercolours!” so i decided to sketch out just one section of the photograph of the sculpture (the section that i thought had the most interesting shadows), and set to work.

i first layered the dark shadows with a greyish-purple colour, and a tiiiny bit of green, and then i added the lighter tones, and finished it off by adding white to the areas that needed extra highlighting. now i know that with watercolours, you’re not supposed to add white at all, and you’re only supposed to use the white of the paper and all that, buuuut i thought, “why don’t i just try it? it could work, or it could be a complete failure, but i’ll only know if i try it.” plus, art is supposed to be about experimentation and all that jazz, isn’t it?

it took me the better part of a day to finish, but i spent most of that time listening to music, or video calling my friends, so the time flew by pretty quickly.

when i was done with it, i wasn’t really sure whether it looked like marble or not, or whether it even looked like parts of a man and a woman, but it sure looked interesting, so that counts for something i suppose. i showed it to my mom, who said she didn’t understand what it was, nor did she see what i was trying to point out, but she very sweetly encouraged me anyway and told me that she thought it was great.

i woke up the next day and looked at it, and suddenly it actually looked quite good. it was kind of abstract, and i liked that about it.

finally! in an unprecedented move by my brain, i was allowed to be at peace with a piece of art i had created, and i could live happily ever after. well at least until i started the my next piece.

my interpretation of “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin

why (a.k.a the intro)

i’m 17. when you’re 17 and you meet new people (namely adults), they tend to ask you seemingly irrelevant questions. questions such as what hobbies you have, or what you like to do for extracurricular activities. on these occasions, i find myself replying with, “um, i’m like really into art” more often than not. you see my dear readers, when an adult asks you about the things you do in your free time, they usually take it as permission to secretly judge you based on this one piece of information. so the issue with replying with “um, i’m like really into art”, is that one, this phrase lacks conviction (which is not a good thing when dealing with the gossipy aunties you encounter at functions), and two, a lot of indian adults just don’t “get” art. sure, they’ll ask to see your work, and politely say it looks “wonderful”, or “pretty”, or even “beautiful”, but you can’t explain the intricacies of the thought processes you went through while creating a particular piece of art. you can’t say “i painted this because i wanted to show how the patriarchy still oppresses women in subtle ways despite the so-called gender equality that we as a society preach about all the time” (although i’ll admit i haven’t painted something that portrays such a powerful message as of yet). the adult in question will just pat your head and move along, unbothered and ignorant.

and yes, i am aware that i sound like an eDgY tEeNaGeR, but i assure you i have nothing against adults in general (they’ll help pay for my college tuition in about a year. love you, mom and dad.) hey, i’ll be an adult in a few months too. it’s just that for once, i would like to explain the full, uncensored meaning behind my work, or even other artist’s works, to an adult in my life, and have them understand.

which brings me to why i decided to start this blog thing. it’s so i can ramble on about my thoughts and feelings about art and things in general, maybe music, maybe movies, and whoever wants to listen (or read, i suppose) can. that could include other teenagers, adults, old people (is it offensive to call them old people?), people with dogs, people with cats, people who eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar (although i pray for these poor souls), basically ANYONE.

also i like how my writing voice sounds. that is all.

so i might update this weekly, or once in two weeks, or whenever the fancy takes, but hopefully all you lovely readers out there will be interested enough in me and what i do to follow along.