the intimacy of feet

feet are a very weird thing to bring up, especially in this day and age. i would say that this is mainly because of the mainstream popularisation of the feet fetish. now, personally, i don’t understand what’s so great about feet, but tons of people out there do. they love feet!

and i assure you, this isn’t going to be a post about my thoughts on feet fetishes, because truly, i have none. i just wanted to establish that the piece this post IS about, was not inspired by them.

okay. now that that’s out of the way, i can get this show on the road.

i did this piece as a part of my AS level art portfolio, which focuses on embrace, and the emotions that come with humans embracing each other. this particular drawing features two cut off feet, done in charcoal and charcoal pencil. mind you, these feet aren’t actually cut off in real life. no sir, there are two very much living people attached to these feet, and they are doing absolutely fine in their lives now.

i wanted to focus on different aspects of how humans embrace each other, with their arms, their legs, their hands, and yes, with their feet. people entwine their feet all the time, to show love and affection. think about it like this: i usually sit with my feet thrown haphazardly on top of my friends’ feet which shows my familiarity and comfort with them. sure, not everyone does this, but the closer you are to a person, and the stronger a bond you have with them, you’d be more inclined to do this with them, than with anybody else.

entwining feet can be intimate, or comforting, but rarely does it hold any negative connotations. that’s what i wanted to portray here, although i admit, it can be difficult to get over the fact that they are, well, feet at first.

but, my dear readers, if you can find it in yourselves to see past this heinous aspect of the sketch, and think about what life would be like without gestures of affection displayed through feet, i think you’ll find that they truly are a wholesome way to show someone that you care, whether or not you have a fetish for feet.

da feet

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