a study in marble

so a couple weeks ago, i started working on a piece for my AS Level art coursework. one of the artists i chose to research was Auguste Rodin, and i was specifically studying his sculpture, “The Kiss”. it features a man and a woman in a passionate embrace, lips locked. (it’s enough to make anyone a bit hot under the collar if you ask me, but that’s a different matter.) i thought to myself: “what if you tried to study just the marble of this sculpture? that would be interesting. ooh, and! you should do it with watercolours!” so i decided to sketch out just one section of the photograph of the sculpture (the section that i thought had the most interesting shadows), and set to work.

i first layered the dark shadows with a greyish-purple colour, and a tiiiny bit of green, and then i added the lighter tones, and finished it off by adding white to the areas that needed extra highlighting. now i know that with watercolours, you’re not supposed to add white at all, and you’re only supposed to use the white of the paper and all that, buuuut i thought, “why don’t i just try it? it could work, or it could be a complete failure, but i’ll only know if i try it.” plus, art is supposed to be about experimentation and all that jazz, isn’t it?

it took me the better part of a day to finish, but i spent most of that time listening to music, or video calling my friends, so the time flew by pretty quickly.

when i was done with it, i wasn’t really sure whether it looked like marble or not, or whether it even looked like parts of a man and a woman, but it sure looked interesting, so that counts for something i suppose. i showed it to my mom, who said she didn’t understand what it was, nor did she see what i was trying to point out, but she very sweetly encouraged me anyway and told me that she thought it was great.

i woke up the next day and looked at it, and suddenly it actually looked quite good. it was kind of abstract, and i liked that about it.

finally! in an unprecedented move by my brain, i was allowed to be at peace with a piece of art i had created, and i could live happily ever after. well at least until i started the my next piece.

my interpretation of “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin

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