why (a.k.a the intro)

i’m 17. when you’re 17 and you meet new people (namely adults), they tend to ask you seemingly irrelevant questions. questions such as what hobbies you have, or what you like to do for extracurricular activities. on these occasions, i find myself replying with, “um, i’m like really into art” more often than not. you see my dear readers, when an adult asks you about the things you do in your free time, they usually take it as permission to secretly judge you based on this one piece of information. so the issue with replying with “um, i’m like really into art”, is that one, this phrase lacks conviction (which is not a good thing when dealing with the gossipy aunties you encounter at functions), and two, a lot of indian adults just don’t “get” art. sure, they’ll ask to see your work, and politely say it looks “wonderful”, or “pretty”, or even “beautiful”, but you can’t explain the intricacies of the thought processes you went through while creating a particular piece of art. you can’t say “i painted this because i wanted to show how the patriarchy still oppresses women in subtle ways despite the so-called gender equality that we as a society preach about all the time” (although i’ll admit i haven’t painted something that portrays such a powerful message as of yet). the adult in question will just pat your head and move along, unbothered and ignorant.

and yes, i am aware that i sound like an eDgY tEeNaGeR, but i assure you i have nothing against adults in general (they’ll help pay for my college tuition in about a year. love you, mom and dad.) hey, i’ll be an adult in a few months too. it’s just that for once, i would like to explain the full, uncensored meaning behind my work, or even other artist’s works, to an adult in my life, and have them understand.

which brings me to why i decided to start this blog thing. it’s so i can ramble on about my thoughts and feelings about art and things in general, maybe music, maybe movies, and whoever wants to listen (or read, i suppose) can. that could include other teenagers, adults, old people (is it offensive to call them old people?), people with dogs, people with cats, people who eat mayonnaise straight out of the jar (although i pray for these poor souls), basically ANYONE.

also i like how my writing voice sounds. that is all.

so i might update this weekly, or once in two weeks, or whenever the fancy takes, but hopefully all you lovely readers out there will be interested enough in me and what i do to follow along.

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